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Author Topic: Steering geometry  (Read 48 times)

Moogie38 (Noel)

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Steering geometry
« on: 18 Sep 22, 11:45 am »
What settings is everyone using for front suspension  ?
I'm using, 
13° K.P.I.
5° caster
1° negative camber
Ackerman steering.
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Re: Steering geometry
« Reply #1 on: 18 Sep 22, 12:48 pm »
I'm using the standard Gemini Kart spindle and yoke on a bespoke upright to my suspension.
16 degree KPI
6 degree castor
Akerman as per Gemini
and at the moment I have positive camber by about 1 degree. This is adjustable in my set up and the least of the worries with the shape of the tyres.
The whole shebang is set to 3mm toe in.

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