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Author Topic: Leaf Springs  (Read 1574 times)


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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #45 on: 09 Mar 22, 07:27 pm »
My 1/4 elliptics are 1.5" x 3/16" thick, I have no idea if this is any good as I have not raced the cycle Kart yet.

Thanks. Have you tried jumping up and down in your kart?
I don't want to bore you all with the details, here. But if you are interested, have a look at my blog


Mark Under

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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #46 on: 09 Mar 22, 08:01 pm »
I haven't tried jumping on it yet, the springs where heat treated today so I should get them back on the weekend when I will find out how strong or weak they are.

David F-R

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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #47 on: 10 Mar 22, 01:09 pm »
I've just spoken to Kevin at Jones Springs.
Quote for 1.5" x 3/16", 570mm span, 80mm camber, 20mm eyes unbushed - £65 plus carriage and vat.

I shall be ordering from Owen springs. I can collect (12 mins by car) so they'll work out cheaper.
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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #48 on: 10 Mar 22, 03:08 pm »
I spoke to Kevin earlier in the week - helpful chap, this is very reasonable


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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #49 on: 11 Mar 22, 01:39 pm »
Hi chaps

I'd be up for a pair of spring with bushes. However, not in any immediate rush as I won't starting on my cart till the autumn. But happy to go with an order sooner to make up numbers.

Thanks very much.



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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #50 on: 26 Mar 22, 11:43 am »

I have been following the progress on/for sourcings sets of springs with interest, having bought a set from Jones Springs last year. However I have recently found a company who supply springs for trailers which look very interesting ( £14.26 EACH )
Now for someone who lives North of the Wall, THIS IS VERY INTERESTING!!!!!
I will attach a link below but what really draw my attention to these beauties is there dimensions being 50mm wide and perfect for the chassis steel of 75 X 50. I know they only have 1 eyelet fitting but this might be a bonus.
Anyway I thought I would put it out there and when I get a set I will let you know what they are like. One more point by the way, you can order up “U Bolts” & retaining plates to fit, no need to “mix and match”.
The springs are “Towflex” so may be sourced from other places in the U.K.





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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #51 on: 26 Mar 22, 01:04 pm »
Might be about 15mm too wide, and far too stiff with the second leaf. It’s rated at 550kg, so 1100 for a pair, so maybe a factor of 10 too much… I’d be surprised if there’s anything even near 100kg on the front end of my kart, even fully loaded with my gangly self. If you can split that second lower leaf off, and then trim the remaining single down to width with an angle grinder in a jig then it may well work.


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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #52 on: 26 Mar 22, 03:50 pm »

Take on board what you say about the weight rating but it was my intention to reduce it from 2 to 1 leaf.
As for the width, when you use the Jones Springs you need packers welding to the frame rails whereas these may only need a washer either side.
Anyway it’s an option for anyone on a budget after all you would be saving £80 + with a little extra work to fit.




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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #53 on: 08 Apr 22, 05:21 pm »
Would I be correct you're talikng about a transverse semi elliptic spring?
 Has anyone utilised linear 1/4 elliptic springs?

Moogie38 (Noel)

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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #54 on: 05 Aug 22, 05:35 pm »
If someone is gegtting springs made this might be of help.
Sizes are the same as Stefans dawing.
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Re: Leaf Springs
« Reply #55 on: 07 Sep 22, 12:01 pm »
Many thanks for the drawing, most appreciated

I am based in the Netherlands and so far its hard to find a local supplier. are the suppliers mention in the feed still relevant or is there more up to date info?