Author Topic: TAV clone U.K. vendor  (Read 120 times)


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TAV clone U.K. vendor
« on: 17 Jul 22, 12:54 pm »
Noticed that Hutt imports are selling these, don't know how good they are but available and reasonable.
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Re: TAV clone U.K. vendor
« Reply #1 on: 17 Jul 22, 06:44 pm »
Thanks Jim, been looking for a spare belt for a while and oops.... a TAV fell in my basket !

Chris L

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Re: TAV clone U.K. vendor
« Reply #2 on: 17 Jul 22, 10:30 pm »
They are ok Jim. One of these clones got me up Test Hill twice at Brooklands last week.

 Just needed to change red spring afterwards.

Not quite up to the demands of the hill. But then .....How often do we drive up an incline that steep.

Chris L